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The 15 Best Music Festivals in Asia: Enjoy Music & Culture!

by TribalReunion

One of the best ways you can learn more about a country and its people is through their music. In Asia, hundreds of different music festivals can range from partying with the best local bands, down to celebrating culture and heritage in the most breathtaking venues!

Whether you want to party and listen to banging songs on a yacht and/or bridge two different worlds with the magic of music, read on! I’ll be showing you the top 15 music festivals in Asia that are a MUST-ATTEND!

The 15 Best Music Festivals in Asia

Where should you go for immersing yourself in culture-rich music in Asia? These are some of the most popular, unique, and exciting music festivals to excite your eyes and ears:

1. Maya Music Festival [THAILAND]

The Maya Music Festival fuses electronic with traditional Thai art and mythology! This immersive party has a fantastic line-up and spectacular stages that showcase the best of Thailand’s vast culture and tradition.

This isn’t just a music festival, but a dance festival with FOUR different stages, which are:

  • EDM Stage
  • Live Stage
  • Trap Stage
  • Pool / After-Party Stage

This music festival is located in Maya Space in Pattaya, Thailand, which is easy to get to via cab or public transportation.

Check their website out for more information:

2. Wanderland [PHILIPPINES]

The Wanderland Festival is one of the most-awaited music events in the Philippines! You’ll find international indie bands while they also put their homegrown independent artists on the same stage. This is a legit music festival not only with different stages, but fun activities to do, from mini carnivals, delicious food, and a LOT of dancing!

Wanderland Music & Arts Festival 2018

You’ll find this 2-day festival fun-filled throughout the day and soulful come night. Definitely a whole weekend experience to remember!

The festival is located in Alabang, Philippines, which is accessible through taxicab or their P2P buses heading to Alabang Town Center.

Check their website to learn more:

3. SUNBURN Festival [INDIA]

Sunburn Festival is held in late December every year on the stunning Vagator Beach in Goa. The 3-day EDM party is Asia’s largest electronic music festival, and the 3rd largest dance festival in the world (after Tomorrowland and Ultra).

As India’s first EDM festival, Sunburn Festival has been attracting both local and international audiences with world-class electronic music since 2007.

The festival brings the line-up of top DJs from across the globe to one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. The list of DJs who performed in the recent years at Sunburn festival includes Afrojack, The Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, Tiesto, Hardwell.


HYDEOUT is Singapore’s first multi-genre festival, one of the newest music festivals with some of the most famous and talented international artists joining the stage! From soulful serenading to dancing the night away, you’ve got an entire experience waiting.

Expect to have a ton of fun and express yourself, as the festival features bold visuals and arts that one would never expect.

The concert happens in The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay. It’s accessible via bus or train! Here’s their website to know what you can expect:


ULTRA is now heading to South Korea, one of the most popular electronic music festivals worldwide! The event has a wide range of genres, playing EDM to hip-hop, electronica to danceable songs that will take you to a whole other world.

Be ready to dance the night away and scream your lungs out as you enjoy music from top international DJs and artists! It takes place in Seoul, South Korea, which can be traveled via public transportation easily.

Head to their website for more information:

6. Wonderfruit [THAILAND]

The Wonderfruit is a mindblowing festival that focuses on six principles, which are:

  • Music
  • Art and architecture
  • Wellness
  • Farm to feasts
  • Family
  • Talks and workshops
#Wonderfruit2019 Official Aftermovie

The festival lasts for four days and four nights, with activities piled up 24 hours a day! It’s also committed to sustainable living, ensuring social responsibility while still having the time of your life.Expect live music acts, world-class cuisine, the top DJs, and a whole lot more! Located in Bangkok, Thailand, check out their website for the exact venue and details:

7. Fuji Rock Festival [JAPAN]

The Fuji Rock Festival is the largest music festival in Japan, which has been running for 23 years now. Up to 150,000 people attend this festival yearly, held outdoors no matter the weather.

fuji rock festival Japan

Located in the Naeba Ski Resort in Tokyo, you’ll need to either take the train or private transportation, as it’s 90 minutes away from Tokyo. It’s worth the trip, as you’ll be surrounded by good music, awesome company, and the breathtaking views from the resort.

Check out their website for more details:

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IT’S THE SHIP is another new music festival in Korea, also referred to as Asia’s Largest Festival at Sea and the ultimate party for locals and foreigners.

This is a 4-day and 3-night party on Costa neoRomantica, which is a world-class luxury cruise. Expect to sail down the seas of Korea as you jam to non-stop music, take a dip in the pool, do exciting activities, and enjoy their popup and themed parties!

Visit their website to find out the exact itinerary:

9. S2O Songkran Music Festival [THAILAND]

The S2O Songkran Music Festival happens throughout the three days of the Thai New Year, which is why it’s one of the most-awaited music events of the year.

Celebrate the Thai New Year and get soaked in water as you indulge and dance to the pulsating beats from Asia’s largest productions and the top DJs of the world. Make sure you’re ready to dance and get wet!

Located in Live Park Rama 9 in Bangkok, Thailand, you can take a taxicab to the area easily. Here’s their website to find out more:


EPIZODE is one of the popular international techno festivals, featuring amazing electronic artists worldwide! It offers unique musical AND visual experience paired with many awesome activities. You won’t only be dancing, but you’ll enjoy the colors from holi activities, do stand-up paddling, or even join workshops and have water fun battles!

This 11-day long festival is more than just a party, but the most fun-filled activities to remember. And don’t forget: It happens on an island that people call paradise with its breathtaking sunsets.

It’s located in Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam, which you can travel to via bus. Learn more about the festival here:

11. Kolour in the Park [THAILAND]

Kolour in the Park is filled with so much color and multiple genres, so you’ll always enjoy the music! This music and art festival has a ton of fun activities and scrumptious food, perfect for the open-minded local or tourist from any culture. You’ll get to take a break from the hustle and bustle, reconnecting through music, art, and their exciting activities.

They have three different stages that have distinctive and equally fantastic styles. The Park Stage offers high energy dance music from international acts, the Shelter Stage is for house and techno music, while the Water Stage is more chill with disco beats!

Located in Thai Wake Park in Bangkok Thailand, it’s easy to travel to with public transportation. Learn more on their website:

12. Garden Beats [SINGAPORE]

What’s unique about the Garden Beats Festival is that they partner with eco-conscious brands and are committed to engaging with environment-friendly initiatives. It’s a music festival that combines sustainability and amazing experience with fantastic lineups every year!

This whole-day music festival is located in the spacious and green Fort Canning Park in Singapore, which is accessible from their buses and trains. They encourage you to bring out your picnic mat and try out all the delicious eats served in their festival food village.

Head on to their website:

13. Transmission [THAILAND]

Transmission is one of the most popular front-running events when thinking about the music festival scene. It originated in Prague, Czech Republic, which is known for its heart-pulsating parties!

TRANSMISSION BANGKOK 2018: 'The Spirit of the Warrior' ▼ TRAILER

So it’s no surprise to see people heading to Bangkok this time to have one of the best parties of their lives. They have an entire laser show and the most advanced sound system to have you hear EVERYTHING and make your heart race! Give your eyes and ears a treat as you enjoy the night with your friends and the world’s top DJs.

Learn more on their social media:

14. Rainforest World Music Festival [MALAYSIA]

The Rainforest World Music Festival is a whole different experience and not your usual concert or party. This is because it celebrates culture and heritage, bringing together locals and tourists from any walk of life, no matter where they’re from in the world!

It’s located in the Sarawak Cultural Village in Kuching, Malaysia, so you’re in-between a beach AND a jungle.  Expect indigenous musicians and their instrumental performances, which is exciting and a whole new learning experience as you immerse in nature and learn more about Malaysia.

Find out more about this one-of-a-kind music festival on their website:

15. Jai Thep Festival [THAILAND]

The Jai Thep Festival is known to be as the Glastonbury of Asia and is one of Chiang Mai’s greatest arts and music celebrations! It’s best known for its quirkiness and vibrancy, where you are surrounded in natural beauty and wander off to different “realms,” all offering a unique experience.

Whether you want to feast your eyes to curated arts or treat your ears to wondrous music programs, you get to immerse yourself in Thailand’s culture and tradition! Beyond the arts and music, they also offer theatre shows and wellness workshops!

Expect artists of many genres, from folk music to indie, or even hip-hop to deep house, as well well as molam, which is Thai country music!

The festival is held in Lanna Rock Garden, which is accessible using the festival’s own public transportation and shuttle services. Check out their official website to learn more:

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