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Indian Spirit festival

Event Details

Indian Spirit Festival 2021 – 26th–30th August (Germany)

Indian Spirit Festival will be held from 26th to 30th August, in Northern Germany.

For five days and four nights, festival goers can enjoy a world-class lineup featuring the best of psytrance talent, as well as an unparalleled production, live performances, workshops, marketplaces and so much more.

Taking place during the last weekend of August each year, the event closes out the summer festival season in Germany with a unique and electrifying journey.

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Indian Spirit Festival 2021 Lineup

Ticket Info

Indian Spirit Festival Entry Tickets

Phase 1 € 85.00
Phase 2 € 95.00
Phase 3 € 105.00
Phase 4 € 120.00
Phase 5 € 140.00
Incl. 7 % VAT / Regular ticket for 5 days. For the camping ticket a fee of 20€ per person is charged. 

To purchase the tickets, go to Indian Spirit Festival official website

Indian Spirit Festival Camping


Festipi 2,5m 1P € 129.00
sold out
Festipi 2,5m 2P € 149.00
sold out
Festipi 3,0m 2P € 159.00
sold out
Festipi 3,0m 3P € 189.00
sold out


Utopia Camping tent 1P € 99.85
Utopia Camping tent 2P € 131.85
Utopia Camping tent 3P € 194.85
Utopia Camping tent 4P € 241.85



Indian Spirit Transportation – Bus Tours

There are numbers of bus tours to/from the festival throughout Germany and neighbouring countries.

Indian Spirit Festival 2021 Location

19294 Bresegard bei Eldena, Mecklenburg0-Vorpommern, Germany

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