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wed13julAll Daysun17Shankra Festival Switzerland 2022SwitzerlandNovena, 6558 Lostallo, SwitzerlandGenre:PsytranceContinent:Europe

Event Details

Shankra Festival 13th-17th July, 2022 (Switzerland)

Shankra Festival is a 5-day uplifting psychedelic trance experience in Switzerland. The festival has the most amazing atmosphere, a relaxing natural ambiance beneath the summer sky, and its goal is to celebrate life and create a deep connection between people from all over the world. Shankra Festival’s lineup is not only comprised of the best names in the scene, but it is also carefully put together to develop feelings of love, energy, peace, and care between all visitors.

The festival also offers its visitors a magical camping area, right in the middle of a valley crossed by the river Moesa, and organizers make sure that enough space is always provided to everyone.

Shankra Festival is a truly transformational experience, and it is sure to leave long-lasting memories on every one of its participants.

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Shankra Festival 2022 Lineup

3 Stages, More than 200 artists at Shankra Festival 2022 in Switzerland!

έως (Eos): Goa Trance, Psytrance, Progressive, Night & Day Full-On, Forest

天邊 (Horizon): Dark Psy, Forest, Hi-Tech, Night Full-On, Progressive, Techno

தாமரை (Lotus): Chill-Out, Ambient, Deep-House, Trip-Hop, Psy-Dub, Psy-Jazz

Altruism (Nano Records) Brazil

Astral Projection (TIP Records) Israel

Archaic (Parvati Records) Greece

Afgin (Suntrip Records) Israel

Analog Anarchists (Sangoma Records)

Axial Tilt (Looney Moon Records) Brazil

A-Tech (Dacru Records) Portugal

Battle of the Future Buddhas (Suntrip)

Beat Hackers Retro Set (Agitato) Israel

Bizzare Contact Retro Set Israel

Braincell (Nano Records) Switzerland

Bubble (Mushy Records) Israel

Celestial Intelligence (Suntrip) Macedonia

Cosinus (Sangoma Records) Switzerland

Cosmosis (Transient Records) Spain

Daksinamurti (Sangoma Records) Germany

Digicult (Dacru Records) Belgium

Diksha (Looney Moon Records) Brazil

DNA Retro Set (DNA Records) Israel

Earthspace (Nano Records) Brazil

Electric Universe (Dacru Records) Germany

Exolon (BMSS Records) Portugal

Fatali Retro Set (Blue Tunes) Israel

Filteria (Suntrip Records) Sweden

Galactic Explorers (Sacred Technology)

GMS Retro Set (Stereo Society) Israel

Groovebox (Grasshopper Records) Japan

Hyriderz (United Beat Records) France

Imaginarium (Digital Om) Serbia

Impulser (United Beat Records) Israel

Infected Mushroom Retro Set Israel

Intelligence (24/7 Records) Mexico

James West (Nano Records) UK

Kabayun (Sangoma Records) USA

Krama (Spin Twist Records) Greece

Kynethik (24/7 Records) Italy

Lexxus (Independent) Germany

Lifeforms (Iboga Records) Israel

Morten Granau (Spint Twist) Denmark

Mad Maxx (United Beat Records) Spain

Magik (Nano Records) UK

Man With No Name (Dragonfly Records) UK

ManMachine (Tesseract Studio) Serbia

Martian Arts (Sangoma Records) Greece

Materia (24/7 Records) Austria

Miranda (Why Not Records) Sweden

Sabretooth (BMSS Records) Portugal

Sebastian Kos (Antu Records) Switzerland

Second Side (Ovnimoon Records) Germany

Spectra Sonics (Grasshopper) Japan

Static Movement (Iboga Records) Israel

Synthetik Chaos (Bom Shanka) France

Terrafractyl (Kinematic Records) Australia

Thatha (Nano Records) Brazil

Transwave (Perfecto Fluoro) France

U-Recken (Dacru Records) Turkey

Vertex (Tesseract Studio) Serbia

Vibe Tribe Retro Set (Mainstage) Israel

Whiptongue (Looney Moon Records) Brazil

Waio (24/7 Records) Brazil

Yudhisthira (Forestdelic Records) Macedonia

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Atmos (Iboga Records) Sweden

Arcek (Kamino Records) Mexico

Audiopathik (Kamino Records) Mexico

Abyss Ooze (Dark Prisma) Argentina

Alkemika (Visionary Shamanic) Switzerland

Armonix (SolarTech) Switzerland

Atomo (Sudside Trance) Switzerland

Bezonance (Iono Music) Canada

Caemix (Savva Records) Switzerland

Crazy Astronaut (How2Make) Russia

Creator (Tesseract Studio) Switzerland

Dark Whisper (Alice-D Records) Germany

Deedrah Retro Set France

Edi (Juicy Noise) Austria

Estefano Haze (Iono Music) Germany

Forma Mentis (Labyrinthine) Switzerland

Futuro (Parvati Records) Mexico

Frantic Noise (Dark Prisma Records) Mexico

GMO (Blue Tunes) Germany

H-Sunrise (GreenTree Records) Portugal

Haldolium (Blue Tunes) Germany

Highko (Noise Poison Records) Germany

Human Element (Iboga Records) Hungary

Human Eyes (Narmada) Switzerland

Hypnagog (Kinematic Records) Australia

Hypogeo (Zenon Records) Italy

Insector (Kamino Records) Hungary

Klangperle (Sinsonic) Switzerland

Klopfgeister (Spin Twist Records) Germany

Kox (Sacred Technology) Macedonia

Kromagon (Zenon Record) USA

Megalopsy (Dark Prisma Records) Argentina

Metronome (Blue Tunes) Germany

Miami Dolphins (Independent) Switzerland

Mimic Vat (Kamino Records) Portugal

Mindsurfer (Sinsonic Records) Switzerland

Müstik Retro Set (SolarTech) Switzerland

Necropsycho (Alice-D Records) Brazil

Nygma Retro Set (FrakaSound)Switzerland

Orgonflow (Amplidudes) Switzerland

OxiDaksi (Freak Records) Israel

Profiler (Iono Music) Switzerland

Progone (Independent) Switzerland

Razael (Sacred Sound) Serbia

Rumble Pack Retro Set Switzerland

SamJex (Independent) France

Schrott (Zenon Records) IT/USA

Sectio Aurea (Argot Digamma) Switzerland

Sensient (Zenon Records) Switzerland

Sensifeel (OneFeel Music) France

Silent Sphere (Iboga Records) Switzerland

Sonic System (Freak Records) Italy

Stuntproject (Geomagnetic Rec) Portugal

Suduaya (Altar Records) France

Symphonix (Blue Tunes) Germany

Technical Hitch (Alice-D Records) Israel

The Freak Show Retro Set Israel

Tranonica (Sun Department) Germany

Vibrasphere Retro Set Sweden

Wizack Twizack (Ovnimoon) Sweden

Zat Zak (Profound Records) Portugal

Zermor (Propheti Records) Switzerland

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Asura (Altar Records) France

Ariane (Avatar Records) USA

Alwoods (Altar Records) Greece

Aeeum (Independent) Slovenia

Bass to Pain Converter (Solar) Australia

Black Sun (Polygroup) Switzerland

Blueberry (Independent) Switzerland

Canopus (Tribal Sphere) United Kingdom

Chidima (Independent) Italy

Comrade (MIGMA Collective) Italy

Cosmic Touch (SusmaBeats) Finland

Dalton Trance Teleport (Yun Recordz) Croatia

Diego (Indepedent) Switzerland

Emo (Radio Q37) South Africa

Eric Rose (Independent) Ukraine

Far Beyond (Altar Records) Macedonia

Goa Gil (Avatar Records) USA

Halfred (Merkaba Music) Italy

Invisible Ralf (Shipwreck) Netherlands

Jakare (Merkaba Music) Italy

Jossie Telch (Iboga Tech) Mexico

Key-G (Merkaba Music) Croatia

Lo.Renzo (Blue Hour Sounds) Italy

M.Solez (6850 Clique) Switzerland

Maluns (Blue Tunes Records) Switzerland

Meelk (Hadra Records) France

Merlin (Altar Records) Serbia

Mental Khal (UV Lab) Syria

Nanoplex (Iboga Tech) United Kingdom

Nyah (Höngger Clan) Switzerland

Osiris (Polygroup) Switzerland

Prisma (Dark Prisma) Argentina

Sette AFK (Independent) Italy

Spiky (Ovnimoon Records) Romania

Spiral Hand (TOS Crew) Switzerland

Suduaya (Altar Records) France

Suspect One (Underground) Switzerland

Triforce (Zenon Records) Australia

Two Suspects (Iboga Records) Switzerland

Vibrasphere (Tribal Vision) Sweden

Victor Y (Solar Records) Australia

Walter Albini (Independent) Switzerland

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Ticket Information will be available soon…!

All ticket holders of Shankra Switzerland 2020 & 2021 will be granted access to Shankra Switzerland 2022

Shankra Festival 2022 Location

Novena, 6558 Lostallo, Switzerland

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