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mon27decAll Daymon03janUniverso Paralello 2021/2022BrazilPratigi Beach, Ituberá, Bahia, BrazilGenre:PsytranceContinent:America

Event Details

Universo Paralello – 27 December 2021 – 3 January 2022

Celebrate 2022 New Year at Universo Paralello festival in Brazil!

Universo Paralello (which roughly translates to “parallel universe”) is a psychedelic music and arts festival happening in Brazil. The festival is different from all the others of the kind; it’s a real-life utopia that takes a New Year’s Eve party and stretches it into a 10-day psychedelic music and lifestyle celebration.

Since its inception, in 2003, thousands have come from all over the world to reach the pristine sands of Pratigi Beach, where the festival takes place on a coconut farm. Somehow untouched by the growing tourism around it, this location still seems like the most remote place on the planet, and specially designed for a huge celebration at the end of each calendar year.

There’s a breathtaking beach, the best music in the scene, all sorts of activities, crystal clear waters, coconut trees, and a huge 10-day New Year’s Eve celebration. All in the peak of the Brazilian Summer. What’s there not to love?

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Universo Paralello 2021-2022 Lineup

To be announced…

Ticket Info

The 1st batch of the tickets (3000 tickets) were only available for residents in Brazil, and sold out in 1 hour!

This included the “solidarity tickets”, which cost half the price and will be valid by donating 1 kg of non-perishable food. The food collected at the event entrance will be donated to communities and social projects in the region where the Festival will be held. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming sale of the next batch of Universo Paralello tickets.

Universo Paralello 2021-2022 Location

Pratigi Beach, Ituberá, Bahia, Brazil

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