Burning Mountain Festival (Switzerland)

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Burning Mountain Festival 2024 – 27-30 June 2024, Zernez, Switzerland

Burning Mountain – A Festival in the Alps

Radical, survival, and psychedelic experiences are some of the words that best describe Burning Mountain Festival, a four-day non-stop electronic festival in Switzerland.

This psychedelic music festival features one of the best Progressive Psytrance line ups with acts from all over the world, dozens of fire installations, and light shows, all in the amazing scenery of the Swiss Alps.

Burning Mountain is, simply putting it, a radical self-expression and self-committing experience, a social survival camp, and a unique opportunity to people to connect off-the-grid, through dance, music, and nature.

Burning Mountain Festival 2022 – Official Aftermovie

The festival also includes a list of several other activities including yoga, workshops, art displays, and fire performances, making it one of the most intense and complete psytrance events in the world.

A Unique and Complete Experience

Imagine the most beautiful natural place, located on a river bend on top of a mountain right in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Now imagine this idyllic site filled with flamethrowers, wild performances, and even a huge central fire. Some say the organizers are a bit pyromaniac, so (as the name suggests) you can expect Burning Mountain to have huge amounts of fire.

Burning Mountain Festival
Photos By : mysticalpics.ch | Burning Mountain Official Website

In addition to (lots) fire, Burning Mountain also features amazing light shows and unique decorations, all of which perfectly combines with the world’s best progressive psytrance line-up, spread across four different stages. The festival’s participants are offered the best and completely immersive experiences, turning this event in something hard to forget.

Burning Mountain Fire
Photo By : mysticalpics.ch | Burning Mountain Official Website

As this wasn’t enough, Burning Mountain also features a craft market, cinema, art galleries, medical services, and dozens of different (and interesting) workshops, making it one of the most intense and unique psytrance festivals in the world.

These workshops are there so you can make the most of this experience and, hopefully, take something of it with you. Burning Mountain’s vast variety of workshops/activities include Tantric Journey Through Connection, a planetarium experience called Star Gazing, traditional Shibari and Kinbaku (Japanese bondage art), Chrryt Reiki and media art therapy, Yoga lessons, Kundalini workshops (involving feminine energy and consciousness), Brazilian rituals, gatherings with Atlas Growing about self-expression, and many more.

The festival also includes dozens of great stall foods with vegetarian and meaty options, filling the air with amazing aromas blowing through the wind.

A Weather For The Braves

Burning Mountain Festival
Photo By : mysticalpics.ch | Burning Mountain Official Website

Before jumping on board the unique and radical experience that Burning Mountain is, it is better to have some things in mind.

One very important thing to keep in mind – Burning Mountain is not your average camping trip. The site’s natural environment is rough and has unpredictable weather conditions. The festival happens over 1,400 meters above sea level, and its location is nested in Engadin, one of the highest inhabited valleys of Europe. Even though being located in one of the driest regions in Switzerland, it can (and probably will) rain, either for minutes or hours. Luckily, it rarely rains for days, but never forget that rain above 1,400 meters of altitude will also bring cold air. It is advised to participants to bring a waterproof tent, shoes, and clothes.

There are also rare occasions where storms can strike throughout the valley, with winds reaching up to 60 km/h. Always double check your camping site for stuff lied around that can easily get blown away if a storm happens.

Although nights are usually calm and windless, temperatures can drop easily (and drastically) during nightfall, even in good weather conditions. Temperatures at night rarely stay above 10ºC, so bring warm clothes and a good sleeping bag. Isolation sheets, hats, and a fire can also be a great additional help to keep you from the moist and cold conditions.

The opposite happens during the day, with temperatures easily reaching 30ºC, and higher amounts of UV rays hit, which can cause multiple issues like sunburns, dehydration, and sunstrokes. Protect yourself with sunscreen, shades, and hats, which are all essential items to carry to this wild psytrance festival.

More Dangers Ahead 😉

Right next to the Burning Mountain festival site lies the river Inn, where people can go to the riverbed and refresh themselves in the cooling mineral waters of Switzerland.

Please note that the water level in the river raises fast and without warning, and that’s the reason why camping there and access the area during the night is strictly forbidden.

Burning Mountain Location
Photo By : mysticalpics.ch | Burning Mountain Official Website

Another important warning is related to the main street leading from Zernez to the festival. This is the only road through Engadin Valley and has fast traffic (80km/h) and, usually, reckless drivers. The festival organizers provide a safe corridor next to the road, as well as a safe crossing, so always use this. Never walk along the street on unmarked paths, as there have been previous accidents because of this.

Burning Mountain may not be your typical psytrance festival, but it sure is a unique, and very intense experience. If you’re comfortable with more extreme and wild conditions, have an adventurous spirit, and love the best psytrance music, this is the perfect festival for you. If you end up going, you can be sure that when you find yourself surrounded by the breathtaking Swiss Alps you will know that it is worth it.

Burning Mountain Gallery

Burning Mountain Location

The Burning Mountain Festival is held at the following location:

Location: Zernez, Switzerland

The breathtaking site of Burning Mountain lies near Zernez, in the Engadin Valley of the Swiss Alps. This valley is one of the highest inhabited valleys in all Europe. The festival site is next to River Inn, and it encompasses 37 acres of space for you to go wild and free.

Zernez, the nearest village, has a kind of nature-loving resort atmosphere and is within 30 minutes walking distance from the Burning Mountain site. The small village also provides top infrastructures like hotels, restaurants, ATMs, and multiple shops.

The main attraction in the festival’s location is, without a doubt, Switzerland’s National Park, the country’s largest natural reserve. With 170 square kilometers, it harbors a unique and untouched mountain landscape and thousands of alpine animals which originated the great popularity of the place.

How to get to the Burning Mountain – Check the Burning Mountain official website for detailed information.

Official: Burning Mountain 2018 Aftermovie

Burning Mountain FAQ

❓ Where is Burning Mountain located?

Burning Mountain takes place in an exceptional location, which is one of the reasons that makes it so unique and radical. The festival is located in one of the highest inhabited valleys in Europe, the Engadin Valley, near Zernez, Swiss Alps. There’s the nearby river Inn, where people go to freshen up in the hot days. The nearest village of Zernez, within a 30-minute walk, has hotels, restaurants, shops, ATMs, and all other kinds of infrastructures.

❓ How big is Burning Mountain?

Burning Mountain has been exponentially growing ever since it started. The last years have seen an increase in international participants, however, the main public is composed of people from Switzerland and other neighboring European countries. The last editions of Burning Mountain have seen an attendance of around 5,000 participants.

❓ How do I get to Burning Mountain?

Burning Mountain organizers recommend the use of public transportation to the festival’s site, but people can also reach it in private cars. Vehicles will have to be parked in the car parking area, outside the festival.

❓ How long is the festival?

Burning Mountain is a non-stop psychedelic festival that lasts 4 days. Four long days of pure music, art, wilderness, and nature, on a magical experience in the heart of the Swiss Alps. And there’s lots of fire too.

❓ What are the facilities available at Burning Mountain?

Burning Mountains offers several non-music related activities such as workshops, cinema, craft markets, food stalls (with meaty and vegetarian options) art galleries, (lots of) fire shows and fireworks, medical services, security guards, a recreational center, and much more.

There’s also free camping space with free drinking water available, ATM service at the entrance and the bar, and showers.

WARNING: there are no power outlets.

Top Photo By : mysticalpics.ch | Burning Mountain Official Website

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