Indian Spirit Festival (Germany)

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Indian Spirit Festival 2024 – Aug 28 – September 2, Eldena, Germany

Indian Spirit – The Summer Closing Festival

Indian Spirit Festival is an annual summer psytrance festival in Northern Germany. The event welcomes visitors from all over Europe and the world to a unique, spiritual playground.

For five days and four nights, festival goers can enjoy a world-class lineup featuring the best of psytrance talent, as well as an unparalleled production, live performances, workshops, marketplaces and so much more.

Taking place during the last weekend of August each year, the event closes out the summer festival season in Germany with a unique and electrifying journey. 

Indian Spirit Festival 2022 – Official Aftermovie

Embracing The Indian Spirit

Indian Spirit Festival has its idealistic origin in India, specifically Goa. Centered around the electronic sub-genre of psychedelic trance, or ‘psytrance’, the festival pays tribute to its musical origins, which date back to the early 1990’s in Goa, India.

The festival actively embraces the Indian Spirit, promoting a unique and holistic atmosphere along with strong, sustainable values; not only throughout the festival, but in their brand and vision as a whole. The festival also embodies the Indian spirit by creating a colorful and electrifying environment for its visitors each year.

Rhythmic Sounds

The Festival regularly welcomes more than 100 local and international psytrance artists to the event each year. Ranging from rising stars to world-class acts in Psychedelic trance scene.

Indian Spirit Psytrance festival
Photo By Anna Mohn @Indian Spirit Facebook

The event features two stages, also known as ‘floors’. The Moon Stage shines non-stop from Thursday to Monday featuring a wide variety of talent. The Sun Stage is reserved exclusively for progressive and unique offbeat artists from Friday to Sunday.

Both stages are designed with minimal differences in size, decoration, lighting concept and sound system, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the music no matter where they go.

Unmatched Entertainment

In addition to the unique rhythmic sounds, the festival also boasts an unmatched production featuring world-class light shows, live entertainers, on-site activities and more. Visitors can be amazed by the best of deco, laser and mapping, including the highly anticipated laser harp show by Electric Universe.

Entertainers from fire spinners to jugglers, walking acts and more all roam the grounds throughout the event. Activities on offer range from body painting to dreadlock workshops, yoga classes and much more, for anyone and everyone willing to give it a go. A large selection of food options, clothing and jewelry stalls, markets and more can also be found around the festival grounds.

With so much to see, do and enjoy, Indian Spirit is more than just a music festival; it is a truly unique spiritual experience like no other.

Indian Spirit Festival Location

Indian Spirit Festival is held at the following location:

Location: 19294 Bresegard bei Eldena, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

The Festival takes place in the small northern German town of Eldena, located between the major cities of Berlin and Hamburg. The festival grounds are located in a secluded area roughly 5 minutes from the city centre of Eldena. For five days each year, the festival transforms the large open space into a spiritual playground for music lovers.

Visitors are able to camp in nature and experience a pop-up utopia filled with music, markets and more. There are two unique stages, as well as various art installations and a ‘Psychedelic Circus’ featuring everything from food shops to clothing, jewelry, hand made gifs and more

How to get to Indian Spirit Festival – Check Indian Spirit Festival official website for detailed information

Indian Spirit Festival Gallery

Indian Spirit Festival Tickets

You can purchase the festival tickets at Indian Spirit Festival official website.

Indian Spirit Festival FAQ

❓ Where is Indian Spirit Festival located?

Indian Spirit Festival takes place in Eldena, a small town located just outside Ludwigslust in Northern Germany. The festival grounds are located around 200km northwest of Berlin and 130km east of Hamburg.

❓ How big is Indian Spirit Festival?

The Festival regularly welcomes around 10,000 local and international visitors to the event each year, along with more than 100 of the biggest and best psytrance artists. 

❓ How do I get to Indian Spirit Festival?

Indian Spirit Festival is accessible both by public and private transport. If you are travelling by car, you can take the A24 and change onto the A14 towards Ludwigslust. Take the Grabow exit, continue on B191 towards Eldena and follow the signs to the festival.
If you are flying in for the festival, the nearest airports are Hamburg and Berlin. From there, you can take a train directly to Ludwigslust, where a dedicated shuttle service is available to take you to and from the festival for 5 euros. Both airports also offer plenty of car rental services if you want to drive to and from the event.
Indian Spirit Festival also partners with a number of local and regional bus tour providers, giving visitors the option to purchase affordable and stress-free ticket and travel packages. Feierresen offers round-trip packages from most major cities in Northern Germany, while Hard Tours offers departure points from most major cities in Southern Germany. There are also services available from various cities in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, via Festivalbussen.
You can find more details on how to get to the festival here.

❓ How long is the festival?

Indian Spirit Festival takes place across five days at the end of August each year. The event kicks off on Thursday evening and continues non-stop until Monday afternoon.

❓ What are the facilities available at Indian Spirit Festival?

Indian Spirit Festival offers a large on-site camping area located just outside the festival’s entrance. Campers can enter the site from noon on Thursday and must leave by Tuesday afternoon. Visitors can bring their own tents, which can be set up next to their car. Camper and caravan camping is also permitted.
The general campgrounds include plenty of toilets, showers and more. Campers also have the option to rent a private toilet for the duration of the event.
The festival also features a Special Camping Village for pre-set up rental tents. There are three pre-set up camping options: Festipi, Utopia and Kartent. Festipi Camping includes a pre-set up teepee style tent, suitable for 1, 2 or 3 people; with sleeping bags, pillows and mattresses included. Utopia Camping includes a regular pre-pitched tent, suitable for 1, 2, 3 or 4 people; with sleeping bags, sleeping mats, pillows, a tent light and more included. Finally, Kartent camping includes a unique, sustainable cardboard tent, suitable for up to 2 or 4 people with an airbed and sleeping bags included.
The Special Camping Village is located in the closest campsite to the entrance and also features extra toilets, illuminated areas, a 24-hour reception and more.

Top Photo By Steffen Schulze @Indian Spirit Facebook page

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