Shankra Festival (Switzerland)

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Shankra Festival 2023 – 12-16 July 2023, Lostallo, Switzerland

Shankra Festival – Your Life Is Your Message

Shankra Festival is an annual psychedelic experience in southeast Switzerland. The five-day event welcomes more than 10,000 local and international visitors of all ages each year to celebrate life and connect with each other. Surrounded by mountains and trees, Shankra Valley offers a truly unique and breathtaking environment filled with music, art, workshops, markets and more.

Shankra Festival 2022 – Under One Flag

The festival regularly features a world-class lineup filled with plenty of rising stars and emerging talent; alongside a wide range of speakers, performers and more. Taking place in early July each year, the five-day experience offers the perfect opportunity to kick off your spiritual summer journey.

Unite Through Music

Shankra Festival is shaped around sharing a unique message to the community and its musical mission communicates the purity and energy of sound. Differing from most major events, Shankra Festival focuses on presenting one-of-a-kind shows and innovative acts by primarily emerging artists, rather than drawing in a crowd through headliners. Each year, more than 150 artists from all corners of the world are invited to share their message across three unique stages; the Shankra Stage, Horizon Stage and Lotus Stage. Driven by energy and enthusiasm, Shankra Festival invites visitors to unite through music like never before.

Feed Your Soul

Alongside an extraordinary musical lineup, the festival also offers a wide variety of activities, specially curated to feed your soul. Throughout the event, there are plenty of workshops lead by trained instructors, offering yoga, meditation, juggling, music, permaculture and more. There is also an array of lectures to feed your mind; sharing knowledge from science to religion, history, culture and more. In order to reconnect with your body, Shankra Festival also offers the opportunity to care for the body and soul through healing practices such as massage, meditation and natural medicine. Finally, the festival also showcases an assortment of unique live performances, from fire performances to juggling exhibitions, dancing, theatre and much more. 

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A Place For Curious Creatures

Shankra Festival welcomes visitors of all ages and backgrounds and offers a special Children’s Village for families and children to enjoy. The village is located in a stunning and peaceful site surrounded by greenery for everyone to understand and appreciate nature. Built entirely with recycled materials, the village offers an eco-friendly concept for curious creatures to enjoy. The Children’s Village features a series of specially crafted activities for anyone aged 3-11, such as drawing and painting, lectures, juggling, storytelling, soft yoga and more.

Shankra Festival Location

Shankra Festival is held at the following location:

Location: 6558 Lostallo, Switzerland

Shankra Festival takes place in the Shankra Valley in Lostallo, Switzerland. The town is located in the southeast region of Switzerland, close to the Italian border. Surrounded by mountains, the festival grounds offer the perfect environment to connect with nature and the perfect backdrop for a truly memorable experience. Visitors can camp in the middle of the valley and truly become one with nature, while taking in the unique experiences the festival has to offer; from round-the-clock music, performances, workshops, markets and more. Nearby, the Moesa river invites visitors to its crystal-clear waters, home to plenty of jumping fish and the perfect refreshing escape. The village of Lostallo is also just a short walk away and offers plenty of basic services, among the ancient buildings and historical sites.

How to get to Shankra Festival – Check Shankra Festival page for detailed information

Shankra Festival Gallery

Shankra Festival Tickets

You can purchase Shankra Festival tickets on the official website.

Shankra Festival FAQ

❓ Where is Shankra Festival located?

Shankra Festival takes place in the village of Lostallo, Switzerland. The festival is located in the southeast region of Switzerland near the Italian border and is approximately 3 hours from the nation’s capital, Bern, and around 90 minutes north of the Italian city of Milan.

❓ How big is Shankra Festival?

Shankra Festival welcomes around 10,000 local and international visitors to the event each year. Since its inception, the event has grown to become not only one of the most popular psytrance festivals, but also one of the most affordable events in Europe.

❓ How do I get to Shankra Festival?

Shankra Festival is easily accessible by car, as well as public transport. If you are driving, you can simply insert ‘Shankra Festival’ into the GPS, or take Highway A2 and A13, exiting and Lostallo and follow the signs towards the festival.

If you are flying in for the festival, there are three main airports nearby; Milano-Malpensa Airport in Italy and Zurich Airport or Lugano-Agno Airport in Switzerland. The most affordable and highly recommended way to travel to the event is via Malpensa Airport. Upon arrival, there are direct ‘Shankra Buses’ available to transfer visitors between the airport and the festival. If you are travelling by train, you can depart at the stop ‘Bellinzona’, where the Shankra Shuttle Bus will be available to transfer you to the festival. Bus tickets can be purchased in advance and cost 30 euros each way.

You can find more details about how to get to Shankra Festival here.

❓ How long is the festival?

The festival takes place across five-days in the beginning of July. The event kicks off at around 3 pm on Wednesday and continues non-stop until 6 pm on Sunday. Visitors can enter the campground from 9 am on Wednesday and must leave the campsite by 6 pm on Monday.

❓ What are the facilities available at Shankra Festival?

A: Shankra Festival offers a variety of facilities. The main festival grounds feature three unique stages with large dancefloor areas, as well as opportunities to explore a wide range of food options, markets, bars, healing workshops and more. There is also a 24-hour Safer Dance Suisse information stand, which provides support and information about psychoactive substances, an info point and lost & found and a 24-hour first aid tent. The festival’s campsite, located in the middle of a picturesque valley, is also equipped with plenty of showers and toilets as well as natural spring water. In addition to the festival site, the nearby village of Lostallo, which is only a short walk away, offers a number of basic services such as supermarkets, restaurants, bars, ATMs and more.

You can find more details about what is available at the festival here.

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