ZNA Gathering (Portugal)

by TribalReunion

ZNA Gathreing 2024 – 14-21 July 2024, Montargil Lake, Portugal

ZNA Gathring – The Festival

The ZNA Gathering is a biennial psytrance festival in Portugal. Coming from the land that many consider to be the Mecca of psytrance festivals (it has given us Boom!), you may think the ZNA Gathering to be like so many other psy-festivals out there, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

From its beautiful location to its spirit and mission, the ZNA has, since its inception in 2010, proved to be on a whole category of its own.

ZNA Gathering 2022 (reschedule from 2021) official movie HD

A Universal Meeting Point

The ZNA Gathering is much more than your usual psychedelictrance festival; it’s a retro-futuristic celebration, a universal meeting point for both old and new school trance lovers. A place where everyone is connected through dance, good vibes, great energy and, of course, beautiful music.

Mix this amazing atmosphere with a spectacular outdoor scenery, also known as the ZNA Land, and you have everything you need to turn this powerful recipe into one of the world’s best, and certainly the most unique, psytrance festivals in the world.

The ZNA Gathering can be described in a simple motto:

“The dancers are the energy; the dancers are the key.”

The Magical ZNA Land

The “ZNA Land” is idyllic and mystical. It’s a place where you find yourself surrounded by nature to a point where you almost feel lost in time. There’s a refreshing lake in the area, the festival’s massive dancefloor lies under the shade of giant and old pine and cork trees.

You can find all types of art and illustrations in any direction you might go, and also retreating areas with powerful therapies, workshops, massage stations, and all kinds of treatments for the body and the soul. There is even a kid’s, or Zambukids, area, dedicated to the young gatherers.

The best producers and artists from all over the psy-world are the cherry on top of this magical cake.

The end result of this powerful combination? A psy-chill ambient specifically designed to achieve ultimate comfort and relaxation resulting in an atmosphere impossible to describe. A lost world filled with Music, Love and Gathering.

The ZNA Meaning and History

ZNA gathering universal meeting point
Photo: ZNA Gathering Official Website

The actual meaning of ZNA is Zeoxyribonucleic Acid, deriving from the better known Deoxyribonucleic one (or DNA). They say it is an integrate part of every participant in the festival, or Zambu (short for ZambujAlien). The name Zambu is directly related to the Herdade do Zambujal, the original place of the Boom Festival, where it all began.

The ZNA Gathering history started back in 2010, after a group of old-school trance lovers created an online group, to share experiences. Soon enough, this small group of friends realized they were all craving for a proper psytrance festival/party like “in the old days”. And the ZNA Gathering was born. The main principle for this newfound festival was to enhance the energy and vibration of all its participants, and that sort of become the main goal of the gathering throughout the years.

The members of this group have been living and working in the trance/psytrance scene around the world for the last 25 year, and have been at the birth of many parties and festivals throughout time. In their own words, “it’s in their genes, it’s in their ZNA”.

Every two years, the Zambu community share a ritual in which dancers are the main ingredient of a magical collective experience generating Love, Art, Dance, and Togetherness.

The ZNA Gathering is a completely unique lifetime experience, and you will never forget it.

ZNA Gathering Location

The ZNA Gathering is held at the following location:

Montargil, Portugal

The ZNA Gathering is located deep inside the Portuguese Natural Reserve of the Montargil Lake, in the district of Portalegre, roughly 100km off from Lisbon.

The place itself is the stuff of a land of dreams, filled with pine and cork trees, plenty of natural shades to hide from the blazing sun and cool down, and a crystal-clear lake. The ZNA Land is surrounded by a breathtaking view, and you can feel a magical vibe in the air, turning this place in a Heaven on Earth.

How to get to the ZNA Gathering – Check the ZNA Gathering official website for detailed information.

ZNA Gathering Tickets

To purchase ZNA Gathering 2024 tickets, head to ZNA official website.

ZNA Gathering FAQ

❓ Where is ZNA Gathering located?

ZNA Gathering is located in a Portuguese Natural Reserve called Montargil Lake, next to the small village of Montargil, in the district of Portalegre. The site is around 100 km off from Lisbon, the Portuguese capital city.

❓ How big is ZNA Gathering?

ZNA Gathering has a familiar and cozy environment, characterized by quality and comfort. To keep it this way, and to maintain the best vibes, comfort and safety for all its participants, there’s a limit of maximum capacity of five thousand gatherers. Tickets are usually sold out very fast.

❓ How do I get to ZNA Gathering?

You can get to the ZNA Gathering by car or bus. There’s a charter bus service that provide a safer, more comfortable, and sustainable ZNA experience, from the Lisbon Airport directly to the festival site, and back. Check out the bus pricing list in the ZNA Gathering official website.

❓ How long is the festival?

The ZNA Gathering happens once in every two years. The festival lasts for seven days and seven nights; a whole week of transcendence and harmony in a collective experience and great energy, each one more magical and unique than the last.

❓ What are the facilities available at ZNA Gathering?

At ZNA Gathering you’re going to find three different types of medical care available, free drinking water on the site, a van/caravan friendly place with well-equipped parking areas, a free camping area, toilets, showers, and multiple garbage bins.
There’s available a Tipi Camp featuring beautiful canvas bell tens, well-equipped with pillows, mattresses, bed sheets, sleeping bags, organic soap, etc… In the other hand, you also have a low budget renting service option with all the camping gear you might need.
There’s a kids’ area, lots food stalls and trucks, workshops, massage stations and all those things that make ZNA the most unique psytrance festival in the world.

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