Tribal Gathering (Panama)

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A Different Kind of Gathering

Tribal Gathering is on a league of its own, and there’s no other festival/gathering in the world with a more suitable name. Despite being technically considered a gathering, Tribal Gathering ends up being more than just that; it is a transformational festival where people from all over the world have the unique opportunity to learn with different tribes, in an atmosphere of peace, unity, and transcendence.

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Every year, more than 60 different tribes from over 30 countries gather in the same place to share their wisdom and pass their ancient knowledge to the gathering participants in an unprecedented experience. A place where time is transcendent and both ancient tribes and modern society converge in one true essence.

For 18 whole days, tribal gatherers meet on a paradisiac beach in Panama, completely off-the-grid, and they enter a world of music, crafts, art, ecology, tribal culture, healing, nature, good vibrations, and love.

More than just a gathering, Tribal Gathering is the ultimate transformational experience.

What Happens in The Tribal Gathering

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This unique psytrance gathering offers everything you need to get the most transcendental experience possible. Its location, a paradisiac site set in the woods and beaches of the pristine Playa Chiquita in Colon, Panama, is the perfect place for this purpose. Members from over 60 ancient tribes gather there to connect with modern society in a cultural meeting and celebration. They’re there to share their knowledge, culture, and their love for music.

Tribal Gathering also features more than 150 international performances from all over the world, all spread in four stages. It also offers several workshops and talks where tribe members share their knowledge and experiences with the gatherers, along with carnival curiosities, cabaret, massage, meditation, yoga, and much more.

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The gathering’s first 12 days are devoted to “indigenous immersion”, and involve a variety of tribal ceremonies and interactions with ancient cultures. That doesn’t mean there is no music, on the contrary, after the day’s activities there’s always great music and dance through the night. The following 6 days are solely devoted to the psytrance world, where the previous mix of tribal learning and music turns into a full-on dance celebration.

While most psytrance festivals normally go around for a week (or a bit more), Tribal Gathering offers its participants over two weeks of music, teaching, art, circus/burlesque shows, international acts, more than 200 workshops, shamanic realms, and wellness practices, making it one of the longest transformational gatherings in the world.

The Essence of the Most Unique Gathering in the World

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Directly quoting Tribal Gathering organizers:

“Tribal Gathering encourages cultural awareness by bringing indigenous communities together and presenting cultural diversities rarely seen anywhere in the world…They represent the beating heart of Tribal Gathering showing that while we are one we are also everything…”

Tribal Gathering offers gatherers the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and learn with different indigenous cultures from all over the world. It gives everyone a chance to learn, share, educate, create, and grow. By learning from these incredible ancient tribes, we can better understand the planet we live in, and change it for the best.

This unique gathering also focuses on the awareness of the current climate crisis and pollution, and how it seriously endangers indigenous communities worldwide. The current industrial and technologic evolution is unprecedented, all at the expense of our planet, and it is putting most of the indigenous communities at risk, not only because of pollution but also by the theft of their lands.

By listening to representatives of several indigenous communities, a door opens for us to perceive the world a bit differently, especially for those who live in the modernized western society.

This is Tribal Gathering’s main purpose and pure essence: to offer gatherers a way to experience a different view, and the opportunity to get knowledge and exchanging thoughts with these tribes. All these in the hopes that, when returning home, people will embrace everything they learned and fight to change the world around them.

Some Interesting Features in Tribal Gathering

One of the interesting qualities of this unique transformational gathering is the hundreds of different features it has to offer. Everything’s there with a purpose and for a reason: so gatherers can truly learn, share, and live an unprecedented experience.

The following list includes some of the (many) features of Tribal Gathering:

  • Botany
  • Acupressure
  • Body Movement
  • Aqua Therapy
  • Carving
  • Bio-construction
  • Cocoa and Chocolate making
  • Drumming
  • Dream-catcher making
  • Spear and Arrow making
  • Medicinal Herbs
  • Indigenous Jewelry Making
  • Local Marine Ecology
  • Meditation
  • Life Coaching
  • Chicha making
  • Music Production
  • Shamanism
  • Permaculture
  • Socio-economic Insights
  • Storytelling
  • Sustainable Agro-Forestry
  • Yoga
  • Weaving
  • Traditional Foods and Instruments
  • Tribal Culture, Dances, Body Painting and Skills Exchange

A Gathering for Everyone

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Tribal Gathering doesn’t offer any babysitting or childcare services, however, the gathering is a super child-friendly event and welcomes every parent to bring their kids along. Kids up to 14 years old have free entry (as long as they are accompanied by an adult), and the organization also provides a number of free meals and drinks to children up to 5 years old.

In addition, many crafts, arts, and hands-on workshops have been designed to encourage children and parents to get involved.

This kind of initiative, together with Tribal Gathering’s incredible atmosphere, makes it the perfect gathering for the whole family.

Tribal Gathering is a truly unique and transformational once in a lifetime experience, and you will never look at the world the same way again.

Tribal Gathering Location

The Tribal Gathering is held at the following location:

Location: Playa Chiquita, Colon Panama

Tribal Gathering happens on Playa Chiquita, a breathtaking Caribbean beach off the edge of the map in Colon, north coast of Panama. The site has a raw unexplored quality, filled with large swaths of an exotic jungle, and dotted with monkeys, sloths, jaguar, caiman, and thousands of colorful birds.

The normal temperature there is a pleasant 30ºC, with a constant (and perfect) refreshing breeze. You find yourself right in the middle of golden sandy beaches, surrounded by majestic bays, rock pools, coral reefs, riverbanks, waterfalls, and thousands of lively and friendly people. All these combined make the perfect recipe for the best place for something so unique like Tribal Gathering to happen.

How to get to the Tribal Gathering – Check the Tribal Gathering official website for detailed information.

Tribal Gathering Gallery

Tribal Gathering 2018 aftermovie
Official Aftermovie 2018: GeoLab Official Youtube Channel

Tribal Gathering FAQ

❓ Where is Tribal Gathering located?

Tribal Gathering is located in Colon, on the north coast of Panama. The gathering happens in the paradisiac beach of Playa Chiquita, surrounded by golden beaches, exotic jungles and animals, coral reefs, waterfalls. As this wasn’t perfect enough, there’s the temperature of 30ºC and the constant cool breeze blowing through the bays.

❓ How big is Tribal Gathering?

Tribal Gathering is located in Colon, on the north coast of Panama. The gathering happens in the paradisiac beach of Playa Chiquita, surrounded by golden beaches, exotic jungles and animals, coral reefs, waterfalls. As this wasn’t perfect enough, there’s the temperature of 30ºC and the constant cool breeze blowing through the bays.

❓ How do I get to Tribal Gathering?

Getting to Tribal Gathering is relatively easy and simple. It is a 3-hour drive from Tocumen International Airport. There are also regular and cheap buses available near the airport. There’s an easier solution: Tribal Gathering provides a shuttle service to and from the site. Check out more information on the shuttle service in the Tribal Gathering official website.

❓ How long is the gathering?

Tribal Gathering lasts for 18 whole days, making it one of the longest events of its kind in the world. The gathering’s first 12 days are dedicated to “indigenous immersion” and include tribal ceremonies, several talks and workshops, and lots of interaction between the gatherers and the tribes. The following 6 days are devoted to the psychedelic trance world.

❓ What are the facilities available at Tribal Gathering?

A: Tribal Gathering has multiple facilities available: free camping, free drinking water, tents and camping equipment services (including Glam Camping). There are also toilets and medical care available. The gathering also offers two bars, a restaurant, butcher’s grill, chai-shop, café, smoothie bar, pizzeria/baker, and drink trolley. There are plenty of vegan/vegetarian options to suit everyone, and natural and healthy homemade beverages like tea, coffee, juice, kombucha, and lemonade, for every taste and mood.

There are food stalls in The Village Market, featuring indigenous, local, Panamanian, and international cuisines, all with affordable prices and the best of quality.

There’s even a communal kitchen with wooden stoves on the site.

(WARNING: it’s important to mention the following information, so everyone is prepared – there is no phone service in the site, the limited Wi-Fi is available for a cost, and the gathering has no cash payment system, with the nearest ATM being 2 hours away from the site.)

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