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VOOV Experience (Germany)

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Voov Festival 2024 – 19-22 July, 2024, Putlitz, Germany

The Pioneer Festival

VOOV Experience is considered by many to be responsible for the spread of psytrance throughout Europe. It is, in fact, one of the oldest, and still running, psytrance festivals in the world. The festival happens annually in Putlitz, Germany, and it is well known for its amazing light and laser shows, sumptuous décor, art installations, together with a stunning lineup.

VooV organizers are fully committed to amaze and surprise its visitors every edition, turning this into one of the most iconic psytrance events in history.

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The Experience

VooV Experience is much more than just a psytrance music festival, but don’t be fooled; music is still the main attraction of this event. VooV has a massive dancefloor that hosts a respected (and amazing!) international lineup composed of all the great names on the scene. And if that wasn’t enough, after the shows, the music never stops, creating a seemingly endless cycle of show – after-party – show – after-party.

Combine this with the most amazing laser and light shows you will ever see, capable of creating imaginary multidimensional sceneries and transport you to a surreal world of light and color

Don’t be afraid – if you feel like your mind and body need to wind down, you can participate in one of the many workshops and yoga sessions happening during the festival.

Ancient History

VooV Experience is one of the oldest psytrance festivals around. Of course, the festival itself has gone through a few transformations since its very first edition. It all started as a small party with about 100 people, put together by a group of friends who were coming back from Goa in 1991.

The festival was known by VuuV Experience for many years, and since its inception have changed ownership and location, but never forgot its essence. (it changed its name to VooV in 2016).

Today, VooV has grown to be not only one of the oldest but also one of the more “real” psytrance events in the world. 

The Ingredients of an Experience

Photo: VooV Experience Official Website

VooV Experience tries to offer its visitors activities that go way beyond the dancefloor, that way turning a simple music festival in a truly transcendental experience.

In terms of music, you will find VooV Stage, filled with the best names on the psychedelic and progressive trance scene, and the Experience Stage, with a wider variety of genres such as progressive techno or tech-house.

The festival counts with the market street, where visitors can find the mix fair, the restaurant area that offers a huge selection of international delicacies, as well as lots of arts&crafts shops.

VooV Experience also counts with spaces for visitors to rest and find calm. There’s the cozy and relaxing chill-out area, and the Healing Area, completely dedicated to Mother Earth, where a group of enthusiastic creators, teachers, therapists, dancers, guardians of the wisdom, and musicians share experiences and offer yoga classes, dance workshops, manual and acoustic audio treatments, talks, all kinds of massages, ceremonies, and meditation circles.

VooV Experience is a pioneer of psytrance events, and one of the most famous international gatherings for trance music lovers from all over the planet. Since its inception, it has had a prominent place in the global tribe and has help writing the history of psytrance.

VooV Experience Location

The VooV Experience is held at the following location:

Location: Putlitz, Germany

VooV Experience takes place at the traditional VooV site, the “Field of Joy”, an idyllic place located in Putlitz, halfway between Hamburg and Berlin. The site is a stunning outdoor location, surrounded by lovely meadows and pristine forest, and there’s a small lake nearby, fondly named by longtime VooVers as “The Pond”. The festival even has its own train station!

Photo: VooV Experience Official Website

Amidst this beautiful patch of nature, you can let loose and celebrate freely, or retreat to one of the small ponds in the forest to cool your feet in the refreshing water and prepare yourself for the next round of dancing.

VooV Experience Gallery

VooV Experience FAQ

❓ Where is VooV Experience located?

VooV Experience is located in the traditional VooV site, the “Field of Joy”, an idyllic place located in Putlitz, halfway between Hamburg and Berlin, the German capital.

❓ How big is VooV Experience?

VooV Experience is one of the largest events of the kind in the world. It attracts annually up to 20,000 visitors from all over the globe, all brought together to celebrate life and music in a transformative, and unforgettable, experience.

❓ How do I get to VooV Experience?

VooV Experience is easily accessible by car and there’s even the option to camp by your car or make it part of your camp (this is perfect for people going on caravans). There’s also the Goa Express bus service, that offers a cheap and entertaining shuttle service for all guests and a great opportunity to meet fellow VooVers on the way to the festival. These buses, that promise good music and even some surprises, will carry you from/to Hamburg or Lübeck straight to the VooV site.

Check out more detailed information on the VooV Experience official website.

❓ How long is the festival?

VooV Experience happens annually. The festival usually lasts for three full days and three nights. But don’t be fooled by its short duration; VooV has always something going for 24 hours straight, making it a truly complete and dynamic experience, where nothing is missing or left behind.

❓ What are the facilities available at VooV Experience?

At VooV Experience, you’re going to find different types of medical care available, free drinking water on the site, a car/motorhome friendly camping place with well-equipped areas, a free camping area, toilets, showers, and multiple garbage bins.

There’s also available a tent renting service, fully equipped with all it takes to make your stay perfect.

In the festival site, there are lots of food stalls and trucks, workshops, massage stations, and all the things that make VooV Experience one of the most iconic psytrance festivals in the world.

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