Mo:Dem Festival (Croatia)

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MoDem Festival 2024 – 5-11 August 2024, Primslje, Croatia

Mo:Dem Festival – An Unforgettable Psychedelic Experience

Momento Demento, also known as MoDem Festival, is an annual psychedelic music and arts festival, hosted by an international collective by the same name. The festival aims to promote underground psychedelic sounds, combined with cutting edge visuals and unique and experimental art. Taking place in the heart of Croatia each summer, the seven-day event welcomes thousands of local and international visitors for a truly unforgettable experience.

MODEM Festival 2022 – Aftermovie

Love. Passion. Commitment.

The Momento Demento collective operates all year round, around the basis of love, passion and commitment. The aim of the festival is not to expand, but to maintain and invest in the quality and content of the event. As there are no sponsors or investors, the permanent team of 25 MoDem employees begins working on the next event as soon as the gates close from the previous. Each year, the number one priority is to break the boundaries of production, both technical and artistic, while maintaining a high level of ecology standards.

A Musical Adventure

MoDem Festival welcomes a wide variety of unique talent to the event each year. More than 180 local and international names gather to perform across three massive stages, spread out amongst nature.

The Hive ‘is not just another festival dance floor’. The unique design incorporates ancient knowledge with modern technologies to create an Interdimensional Landing Platform. Each and every visitor becomes the pilot of their own psychedelic trip, exploring and experiencing the realms of the psychedelic abyss. The Swamp regularly changes in style, but the concept and idea remains each year. The Swamp delivers all the trippy music for your mind and body. Finally, The Seed is a unique and laid-back experience. The stage provides not only a place to dance, but a place to sit, listen and enjoy as well. The music at The Seed can be described as eclectic and delivers a wide range of frequencies, as well as unexpected live jams, performances and more.

An Oasis Of Peace

Photo by Gemeos VB Fotografia | Mo:dem Festival official website

The festival encourages its visitors to leave the land untouched as it is, as ‘it is an honor and privilege to be surrounded by unspoiled nature’. The festival’s campsite is placed within the canyon, surrounded by a rich variety of flora and fauna. Providing only the basic essentials, MoDem offers visitors an unforgettable camping experience in an oasis of peace. With the main goal of ecological awareness and nature preservation, MoDem Festival allows you to live in harmony with the environment.

Mo:Dem Festival Location

MoDem Festival is held at the following location:

Robinzon Kamp, 47240, Donje Primišlje, Croatia

MoDem Festival takes place in the heart of Karlovac County, Croatia. The popular tourist attraction Kamp Robinzon welcomes thousands of visitors each year and offers a secluded sanctuary for those wanting to escape from every day life.

The festival inhabits ‘The Springs of Mrežnica’ campsite, with visitors able to camp along the river and enjoy the unique flora and fauna around the area. The festival is designed to use nature to its advantage, while leaving everything untouched. There are four unique stages spread out along the river and various facilities and art installations located throughout the grounds.

How to get to MoDem Festival – Check the MoDem Festival page for detailed information

MoDem Festival Gallery

MO:DEM Festival Tickets

To purchase Modem Festival tickets, head to Mo:Dem official website and find a way to buy through their Ambassadors, as online tickets for Modem 2023 are sold out!

Mo:Dem Festival FAQ

❓ Where is MoDem Festival located?

MoDem Festival takes place at Kamp Robinson (Robinzon Kamp), a popular tourist destination located in the Karlovac County in Croatia. The privately owned campsite rests along the Mrežnica River and is located approximately 120km southwest of the nation’s capital, Zagreb.

❓ How big is MoDem Festival?

MoDem Festival annually welcomes around 15,000 local and international visitors to the event each year. After consistently reaching capacity year after year, the festival’s focus is not to expand in numbers, but to progress in quality.

❓ How do I get to MoDem Festival?

A: MoDem Festival is easily accessible by both public and private transport. If you are driving to the festival, simply insert Kamp Robinzon or the coordinates into a GPS and follow the signs towards the festival site. In an effort to help keep the festival as green as possible, MoDem also offers a gocarshare scheme where you can offer any empty spaces in your car to other visitors; as well as find a shared ride to or from the event.

If you are flying to the festival, there are a number of airports located throughout Croatia. The nearest major airport is Zagreb, followed by Zadar and Split; however, it is possible to travel to the event from any of the six international airports if there are cheaper flights available. On arrival, there are plenty of car rental services available at the airport. If you are coming from Zagreb, you can also take the train to Kukaca, with a travel time of around two hours, followed by a taxi directly to the event. Regional buses also operate throughout Croatia, departing from most major cities and stopping at the nearby town of Slunj, where taxis or shuttles are readily available.

The festival also organizes daily bus services for the event, operating from all major cities in Croatia including Zagreb, Split, Zadar, Sibenik and more; offering affordable and stress-free travel arrangements.

You can find more details on how to get to MoDem Festival here.

❓ How long is the festival?

MoDem Festival takes place across seven days in early August each year. The event kicks off at noon on Monday and concludes on Sunday evening. The music begins at around 4 pm on the first day and continues non-stop until 7 pm on the final day.

❓ What are the facilities available at MoDem Festival?

Robinzon Kamp features a large campground with plenty of facilities to cater for thousands of visitors each year. All ticketholders have access to the campgrounds, but must bring their own camping gear. You can opt for traditional tent camping, or set up camp in one of three caravan-parking areas. There are over 250 toilets, both compost and plastic, as well as more than 100 showers. You can also find a wide variety of additional facilities, including lockers, currency exchange services, food stalls, bars, local markets, a cinema and more. 

Page Top Photo by Ivan Šardi

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